Architecture Tour @ The Barbican

15 September 2022

Visions of a future Utopian living, have captured Science fiction novels and films for over 100 years. That utopian vision often subsequently degenerates into a dystopian nightmare. The Barbican however, with its own unique variety of Brutalist Modernism, captures and retains that Utopian ideal to perfection. Staggering in its ambition, scale and grandeur, the Barbican, floating above the city below, is the last hurrah of a post war urban dream. 

Hand chiselled concrete forms, angular towers and complex arrangement of residential accommodation, walkways, gardens and arts centre, the Barbican’s buildings were a move away from the suburban developments of the time. This was intended to look unapologetically urban. 

The uniqueness recognised in its Grade II listing status, attracts visitors from all over the world. The photographs below were taken on an architecture walking tour.

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