ALTERED (2024)

Grand Arcade, Cambridge, April 2024

Nine students on the MA Fine Art course at Anglia Ruskin University exhibit together for the first time. The exhibition showcases each artist’s own personal journey in their creative practice. The artworks use a variety of media, including drawing, collage, paint, print, photography, natural inks, textiles, and ceramics and covers topics including identity, body image, family life, consumerism and transformation.

All photographs shown were taken by Alex McDonald

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Artist: Mansi Shouche

Artist: Ricardo Pimentel

Artist: Ivanna Wilson

Artist: Ivanna Wilson

Artist: Olivia Bevan

Artist: Sue Lowndes

Artists: Sue Lowndes and Declan Hoare

Artist: Ricardo Pimentel

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The artists were...

Olivia Bevan (@oliviabevanart)
Francesca Gagni (@fgagni1)
Natasha Green (@nattieart)

Declan Hoare (@_declan_printmaker)
Sue Lowndes (@susielowndes)
Penny Nichol (@pennynicholartist)

Ricardo Pimentel (@ricardopimentelworks)
Mansi Shouche (
Ivanna Wilson (@xivannarts)