2U5IT4NIA (2016)

The 2U5IT4NIA installation comprises several pieces of work and formed my Fine Art Degree show at Central Saint Martins, London.

On 25 April 1974, Portugal overthrew Fascism in what was called the Carnation Revolution. 2U5IT4NIA (Lusitania, the Roman name for the region that is now Portugal) alludes to this date. The historical images used in these works were taken on that momentous day. The aim of 2U5IT4NIA is to collectively address, not only cultural identity, but also to highlight how images are appropriated and often manipulated to produce a deliberate obfuscation of their original significance. To that end the process of décollage, in which different layers of an image are torn to reveal fragments of other layers, is pertinent, as is each work’s positioning within the installation.