I cannot consider being an artist a trivial occupation.

Observing the society in which I live and feeling the cultures to which I belong cannot be trivialised, so my art is serious. Creating my art both exhausts and stimulates me in equal measure.

Culture and politics, their landscapes and influences are themes running through much of my work. In the ‘2U5IT4NIA’  series I explore how images are used to frame a cultural identity, in this case through the appropriation of archival images taken during the Portuguese revolution of 1974. ‘Cultural consequences’ questions the acceptability of cultural legacies in defining a 21st Century society; whilst in works belonging to ‘Transient Passages’, Cambridge’s urban landscape was experienced by drifting through its varied ambiances.

My aim is to provoke thought and sometimes action. If you only feel like having a cup of tea after viewing my work, then I have failed.

Ricardo Pimentel

Self Portrait