Immigrant [ˈɪmɪɡr(ə)nt]
a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country


To reclaim the word 'Immigrant' from the negative viewpoint assigned to it by many in the British establishment and to highlight the positive contribution the immigrant has made to British society.


I will produce a limited edition print run of 50 t-shirts; these will be free to the user and will be produced on a first come first served basis. They will carry the following text...

Black or white t-shirt
I'm an immigrant slogan
Edition number

Personalised text to include time in UK and profession

Demand in excess of 50 will be machine printed and there will be a charge to cover materials and postage.

Your role:

In addition, if you wear the t-shirt in public and happen to get attention (positive or negative) you could try to document the interaction or get a friend to film it and email it to me.

You must be happy for any images/videos to appear on my website.


Please complete your details below:


It is possible that when wearing the t-shirt you may attract negative attention and as a result be subjected to physical and/or verbal abuse. Only wear the t-shirt if you are happy to draw attention to yourself. I cannot be responsible for any event that may happen to you as a result of wearing the t-shirt.

What's in it for you?

Taking part in a 'great' art project with social/political implications which may change attitudes towards immigrants

Your own individually numbered t-shirt
(only the first 50 will be numbered and part of the limited edition)

It will make you feel good!


You need to be currently employed in Britain

You need to be an immigrant or the son/daughter of immigrants to Britain